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Une plongée au cœur d’une prison de haute sécurité en Argentine, un film choral qui témoigne des gestes, des frictions et des moments particuliers entre ces hommes qui ne sont pas seulement unis par l’enfermement mais aussi par la violence et la marginalité dans laquelle ils ont grandi.

In a maximum-security prison in Argentina, a boxer doggedly seeks his freedom. A group of guys dream of one day making their millions. A young man comes in for killing his stepfather. The leader of the place has been sitting in there for 30 years. Throughout, the same word is repeated: ‘rancho’, used with a liberating flexibility. You call your friend "rancho", you "ranch" together. Pedro Speroni’s prison portrait is a highly concentrated one, built entirely from the moments these men share while incarcerated. Their exchanges are intense: they joke about muggings, about beating people to a pulp; they jostle and spar; they confide in quiet moments. Society puts up barriers that these men bounce against like balls in a pinball machine, all ending, ultimately, in the same place. What they create there together is its own kind of utopia: a closed environment with rules and norms of its own making.

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