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Martovski Festival - Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival

Belgrade, Serbie

25/03/2020 - 29/03/2020

Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival originates from The Festival of Yugoslav Film, founded in 1953
in Pula, Croatia (back then Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, SFRY). The festival screened both fiction films and documentaries.
Year by year, documentaries and short films were more and more numerous (number in the year 1959 increasing to 92 films).

However, compared to the feature films, which were put in the centre of the festival’s programme, documentaries were still an off programme. In the year 1959, the board made the decision to create another festival devoted exclusively to documentary and short films. The Yugoslav Documentary and Short Film Festival was started in Belgrade, Serbia.
During its long history the festival had its ups and downs.

The first turning point happened during the late 1970s when the films from abroad were cut off, number of guests was reduced as well as the number (and the quality) of special programmes, all as a result of lack of funds.
One of the most appreciated editions of the festival was the one in 1999.

Even though Belgrade was being bombed the festival was not cancelled. It took place from 14 to 19 April, 1999 and it was relocated from Dom Sindikata Cinema to the more secure screen of Dom omladine.
Soon after, the festival celebrated its 50th edition (2003).
It has been international since 2004 – with International and National Competition as the two major selections.

The festival includes a number of side events, film screenings and cultural happenings.

Date limite d’inscription des films : 20 Février 2020