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Docaviv - The Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival

Tel Aviv, Israël

19/05/2022 - 28/05/2022

Docaviv is a NPO founded in 1998. Its activities are supported by the "Council of Cinema", Tel Aviv municipality,
embassies and private sponsors. Docaviv, internationally recognized and appreciated, is the only Israeli festival dedicated solely to documentary films – an art form which has been growing rapidly in the
past years.

Docaviv is the largest film festival in Tel Aviv and the only festival in Israel dedicated to documentary films.
Docaviv runs for 10 days and includes a rich line up of more than 100 films, special screenings, curated programs, seminars, outdoor screenings, artist talks and more.

Docaviv has the following competitive sections: the International competition, the Depth of Field competition for films exhibiting exceptional cinematic language and exploring genre conventions, short film competition, the Israeli competition and the Israeli student competition.
The artistic director and selection committee prioritize new and innovative films with strong artistic vision for all the competitive sections.

The festival screenings of competition films must be Israeli Premiers (never been shown in Israel, broadcasted on television or on the internet). Every year Docaviv draws an audience of over 35,000 people and serves as a showcase of the best documentary films made in Israel for festivals around the world.

Docaviv Festival
P.O.Box 20714
Tel-Aviv 61206

Date limite d’inscription des films : 20 Janvier 2022
Early Birds: December 10th, 2021 – for films completed by November 2021
Final Deadline: January 20th, 2022 – for films to be completed by May 1st 2022