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High Coast International Film Festival

Nordingra, Suède

30/08/2019 - 31/08/2019

The High Coast International Film Festival is a two day event - Saturday and Sunday - held in the High Coast in North of Sweden focusing on Avant Garde and Experimental Film.
The core foundation and principle for the Film Festival itself and for the Film Program we put together is : "Personal Artistic Expression through the Medium of Film".
There are no special sections for contemporary relevant films, attention to any special topics - Film as an Artform, as a means to express and artisically investigate is what puts the Film Program together.
What we look for is a clear voice, and we try to do the same ourselves. A voice not to please, not to shock, not to provoke or to appeal - just to speak, to express, to artistically investigate and portray - whatever it may be.
As a result we search for and present films of all kinds of topics and methods. Strict Fiction with a clear cut storyline, wild experimental Film Poetry, quiet almost Anthropological Documentaries, Comedies, Dramas and everything there between. Some are entertaining, some are not - some are easy to digest, some are hard to digest.
We work to provide a comfortable and friendly weekend where Film makers, Film Organizations, enthusiasts and audience can meet and spend quality time during a event packed with lots films to watch and to gather around.

High Coast International Film Festival
Backland 115
870 30 Nordingra

Date limite d’inscription des films : 23 Février 2019
Regular deadline : 23 Février
Late deadline : 23 Mai 2019
Final deadline : 23 Juin 2019