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International Film Festival Message to Man

Saint Petersburg, Russie

03/11/2020 - 08/11/2020

En raison de la crise sanitaire, l'édition 2020 du International Film Festival Message to Man est reportée du 3 au 8 novembre.

The films are chosen for the Message to Man Int'l Film Festival according to the idea that the purpose of the people in Art is to create their own world and to reflect the reality.Those works that merely state problems or retell some events in the way of TV-news are rejected, no matter how interesting they could be.

The most important for us is how the authors can express themselves, what methods they use, how they correlate with their characters. These are our main demands for the documentaries.

Short-feature films are considered as a separate Genre with its own peculiarities - like literature with its strict distinction between a novel and a short story. So we are not interested in philosophical and parable-like works.

The Festival especially welcomes the films of tangled styles and genres. For instance: a combination of a short-feature and animation styles and even animation and documentary.

The idea of Message to Man is to emphasize the importance of non-feature films for the global culture and to let the native documentary filmmakers become the full members of the cinematographic world. Now, as the festival deals with short-feature, animation films, as well as with the documentaries, its purposes have become even more complicated.

International Film Festival Message to Man
Karavannaya 12, 191023
St Petersburg RUSSIA
tel: +7 812 570 6151

Date limite d’inscription des films : 31 Mai 2020