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International Jerusalem Film Festival

Jerusalem, Israël

16/07/2020 - 26/07/2020

Since its opening in 1984, the Jerusalem International Film Festival has become a significant platform for the presentation of Israeli cinema and the exposure of the best of world cinema. For ten days more than 150 films are screened, offering a rich and varied program, including tributes to renowned local and international filmmakers, and with professional workshops for the local film industry.
Since the commencement of the awards for Israeli cinema in 1989, with the generous support of Jack Wolgin, the Jerusalem International Film Festival has placed Israeli film in the limelight and turned the Festival into an esteemed stage for local cinema. In its 26 years, over 2 million dollars worth of prizes have been awarded to Israeli filmmakers working in the fields of feature, documentary, student, and short films, as well as, dramas and television series.
Among the festival's prestigious competitions are - "In The Spirit of Freedom" award, granted to films dealing with the eternal quest for freedom: freedom of speech and expression, human rights, and social awareness. The Award strives to reward films that portray personal stories, through which we observe the complexity of the universe and images from the world on a microscopic scale; "FIPRESCI", is the International Federation of Film Critics award aiming to promote film-art, which encourages new and young cinema; and "The Jewish Experience", deals with issues of Jewish identity and history.

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Date limite d’inscription des films : 18 Avril 2020