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Afrika Filmfestival (AFF)

Leuven, Belgique

En raison de la crise sanitaire, l'édition 2020 du Afrika Filmfestival est reportée au mois d'octobre (dates encore inconnues).

The aim of this festival is to develop the knowledge about African culture through cinema with films from especially Africa and the diaspora but also from non Africans, and to create a market for African films in Belgium (and Europe) through the normal distribution and media structures (sustainable development). In that sense it wants also to foster the production in Africa and from Africans to have more quality products. (Film as an instrument of development). The festival promotes also afro-actors in overall cinema and media productions and their efforts to break through the stereotype casting which is often reserved for them. The purpose of the festival is also to give a critical look to the globalisation in the media (from an African perspective) and the representation of certain population (africans and others). The festival wants to reach out to everyone who is interested in African culture but also in descovering interesting films. The best way to promote African film is to program quality films and to explain why African stories and the way they are put in visuals are important in this world which is not in favored of cultural diversity.

The annual Guido Huysmans Young African Film Makers Award (YAFMA) supports new African talent with the creation of quality films. Its objective is to create a positive vision of Africa in the media. The aim of the award is not only to help individual careers, but also be a meeting point for contact and dialogue for the African film world. To function as a strong community and develop a mutual understanding of cultural diversity.

Three prizes will be awarded:
Best fiction
Best documentary
Special mention of the jury (either fiction or documentary)

The total prize money is minimal 2000 euro.