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Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

Durham, États-Unis

02/04/2020 - 05/04/2020

The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival is an annual international event dedicated to the theatrical exhibition of nonfiction cinema. Each spring, Full Frame welcomes filmmakers and film lovers from around the world to historic downtown Durham, North Carolina, for a four-day, morning-to-midnight array of nearly 100 films, as well as discussions, panels, and Southern hospitality. Set within a few city blocks, the intimate festival landscape fosters community and conversation among filmmakers, film professionals, and the public.
Full Frame serves the documentary form and its community by showcasing the contemporary work of established and emerging filmmakers. The festival provides a space that nurtures conversation between artists, students, and the Full Frame audience. Full Frame is committed to enhancing public understanding and appreciation of the art form and its significance, while making films more accessible to a wider audience.

Garrett Scott Documentary Development Grant
The Garrett Scott Documentary Development Grant was founded in 2007 to support singular new voices in documentary film. Its emphasis is on first-time filmmakers with unconventional training, those making formally challenging work, and those grappling with difficult subjects. Welcoming any background, training or subject, the overriding mission is to support unique filmmaking talents at this crucial moment in their careers.
The grant strives to connect new filmmakers to the larger documentary community. Grantees are invited to the annual festival as special guests, and given the opportunity to take part in one-on-one meetings, work-in-progress screenings, and a range of related activities. Working closely with Full Frame, grant committee members Ian Olds, Rachael Rakes, Thom Powers, and Esther Robinson have built an ongoing support pipeline that helps first-time filmmakers cultivate creative and professional relationships, build their understanding of the industry, and forge lasting networks of industry support as they move toward completion of their first feature film.

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival (main office)
324 Blackwell Street, Suite 500
Washington Building, Bay 5
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: 919.687.4100
Fax: 919.687.4200

Date limite d’inscription des films : 15 Novembre 2019
Regular Deadline for Feature Films : 15 Novembre 2019
Late Deadline for Feature and Short Films : 16 Décembre 2019
Regular Deadline for Short Films : 16 Novembre 2019