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AFO - Academia Film Olomouc - International Festival of Popular-Scientific and Documentary Films

Olomouc, République tchèque

26/04/2022 - 01/05/2022

After the genre meltdown and thematic digression from scientific and educational discourse in past years, the festival returns to the programming focused exclusively on popular scientific film, covering natural and social sciences as well as humanities. This is one of the reasons why the motto of this year is the proclamation Watch and Know, i.e. the proclamation seeking knowledge provided by image and film.

Watch and Know
Focusing consistently on popular scientific film, during the festival we will open a wide range of thematic discussions, lectures, exhibitions and workshops respecting heterogeneous basis of natural sciences and humanities.
The discussion character inherent to the academic world should vitalize substantially audience’s interaction. The openness of film to science and of science to film should provide a significant knowledge of the world and, by being presented to audiences the knowledge will simultaneously strengthen the position of science in wider social and political contexts.

A significant feature of a professional and trustworthy event is its original and distinctive programme. Popular scientific film is a unique category of documentary film, a significant entity of cinematography, which, on many levels, represents substantial component part of television broadcasting.
Today, as any other genre, it has its successes and failures and it is a matter of active programming to seek significant works within Czech and world cinematography and present them to general as well as academic public. Our festival programmers search for the films and do not simply wait for those that will submit!
Focusing on popular scientific film allows us to cooperate with close as well as distant university subjects, both public and private, research sites and institutions.

AFO office Olomouc
Umelecké centrum UP
Univerzitní 3
771 80 Olomouc
Czech Republic
tel.: +420 585 633 434

Date limite d’inscription des films : 1 Décembre 2021