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CinemAmbiente Environmental Film Festival

Turin, Italie

31/05/2017 - 05/06/2017

CinemAmbiente began in Turin in 1998, with the ambition of promoting the culture of the environment through cinema. It wants above all to be a festival involving enjoyment; here the best films of the year dealing with environmental issues can be seen and tributes to great documentary producers are presented, followed by debates and moments of reflection, both ‘in loco’ and in schools. Our public has been able to encounter directors such as the Oscar winner Nikita Michalkov, Fernando Solanas, Julian Temple and personalities like writers Arundhati Roy and Joel Bakan. In our view, environmental films are not only television-style documentaries, but animation films on pollution, enquiries into deforesting and ecological imbalance, as well as war films and poetical productions by famous directors like De Seta, Quilici, Flaherty and Ivens. As a pioneer of environmentally-focussed festivals, CinemAmbiente has gradually evolved into its principle Italian manifestation. Besides the festival itself, it further organizes cinematographic events and days dedicated to the environment in other cities. At an international level, CinemAmbiente belongs to the European Co-ordination of Cinematographic Festivals. It also promotes the European Environmental Film Festival Network, which brings together the most important festivals on the environment in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece.

Via Vicenza 29
I-10144 Torino

Telephone: + 39 0 11 437 90 86
Telefax: + 39 0 11 473 46 08

Date limite d’inscription des films : 31 Mars 2017