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Cairo International Women´s Film Festival

Le Caire, Égypte

04/03/2017 - 09/03/2017

The Cairo International Women’s Film Festival, which has come to be known as Among Women Filmmakers, is an independent initiative designed to provide the best films made ​​by women over the past two years. These films, represented at major international festivals are defined by high technical quality and diverse methods of expression.
The festival presents fiction films, documentaries and animation from more than 20 countries, from Argentina to Romania, from Palestine to India and from Brazil to Algeria.
In addition, there is a great diversity in country participation as well as in terms of films presented, visual language and content, there by reflecting the latest cinema trends worldwide. The festival objective is to bring its films to the largest sector of cinema audience. Accordingly, all the films shown are free of charge, open to the public, and translated into Arabic.

29 El Khalifa El Amer
st., Nasr City
Le Caire

Date limite d’inscription des films : 7 Octobre 2016