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Lointaine Sibérie - 1. La Conquête de la Sibérie 2. Entre Révolution et Goulag 3. La Route de la Sibérie vers le futur

Heiko Petermann


Screen TV , ARTE France, MDR Leipzig (Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk)


Map TV


ARTE France Distribution

ISAN : non renseigné - en savoir plus

En 1905, après la première révolution russe, la Sibérie connaît des années plutôt fastes, avec notamment Vladivostok qui devient le centre commercial de l’Extrême-Orient. Mais la révolution de 1917 transforme la vie de façon radicale.

The "Wild East", however, is unknown territory. We know nothing of Siberia, of its history, its people, its tremendous economic potential and the history of its development. From a western point of view, Siberia is not much more than an immense area with temperatures so inclement that at least two earlier conquest attempts failed and that the very thought of such an attempt gives the shivers. Moreover, with the collapse of the Soviet empire, its "backyard" has been pushed even further into oblivion. The conquest of Siberia is a thrilling adventure, a story just as fascinating as the discovery of America and its conquest; a story of adventurers, businessmen, visionaries, a story of political exile, Gulag, wars and deportations, of gigantic business enterprises and millions of individual fates. This film series will tell the story of the conquest of Siberia - history in the form of an adventure story, using documents, photos and Archive films (documentaries, illustrative feature films), amazing stories of lives in the great economic and political movements of the time. Reports, letters, memoirs, documents penned by researchers, hunters, exiles, soldiers, engineers, workers, Siberian people. We will see them all in photographs, pictures and films. We will see parts of their lives and their work coming to life: weddings, business deals, politics, wars, research, dams, oil, indigenous populations, nature, etc. Their stories will shed light on Siberia's history