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Second Love in Hong Kong
© Palais de Tokyo / Christelle Lheureux

Un portrait minimaliste d’une fiction/non fiction hybride dans la nature. Les réalisateurs se sont concentrés sur le personnage imaginaire qu’est Hong (Swan) qui voyage de Thaïlande à Hong-Kong pour son travail de servante. Ce conte est extrait de la bande-dessinée Rak kang ti song ti Hong Kong, Tepakorn Na Tasala. Le tournage a eu lieu en France avec une actrice d’origine mixte : Tiana Mille. La vidéo transforme l’histoire originaire pour en faire un portrait universel d’une personne déplacée. L’histoire évolue selon que les artistes étendent son univers. L’image de cette femme protagoniste provoque une narration multiple et est ouverte à diverses interprétations.

"A minimalist portrayal of hybrid fiction/non-fiction landscape.
Here the filmmakers focus on an imaginary character named Hong (Swan) who travels from Thailand to Hong Kong for a housemaid job. The tale is taken from a comic book of the same title and is chosen among the thousands of romance comics that are widel read by Thai workingwomen : Rak kang ti song ti Hong Kong, Tepakorn Na Tasala, Peinguin comics, Tailland.
Shot in France with a mixed origin actress, Tiana Mille, the video transforms the original story into a universal portrait of a displaced person. Certain representations reflect a sterile formula, dramatic style found in Hollywood cinemas. They are in contrast with the naivety and crudeness of the original comic source, creating a melting pot milieu. This ongoing project itself has various identities ? it is required to be presented in different formats and settings according to the exhibition spaces in each country. The story will grow as the artists extend her universe. Thus, the image of the woman protagonist provides multiple narratives and is open to diverse interpretations, all mutated from a single comic book. (Christelle Lheureux / Apichatpong Weerasethakul)