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Dr Jack & Mr Nicholson
© Arthur Schatz

On l’appelle "Mister Hollywood". Jack Nicholson est plus qu’un acteur mythique, une véritable icône, familière mais insaisissable. C’est sur grand écran seulement que se dévoile son vrai visage. Ce documentaire, au gré de nombreux extraits de films et d’interviews, navigue dans les méandres d’une filmographie en forme de jeu de piste et dresse le premier portrait de l’homme derrière la légende.

No one can resist his killer smile. With his immediately recognizable physique, Jack Nicholson is a far cry from the Californian playboy, at once undeniably sexy, yet singularly scary... How did this common young man become the icon of counterculture overnight?
His sharp eye and arched brow give his disarming magnetism a hint of menace, as if he might go for your throat at any moment with a howl of Machiavellian laughter. In a Hollywood career spanning more than 50 years, Nicholson has conquered everyone, becoming the archetypal star who lives according to his own rules.
With more than 60 movie credits to his name, and having worked with many of the best directors, from Roman Polanski to Stanley Kubrick, Elia Kazan, Michelangelo Antonioni and Martin Scorsese, Jack Nicholson has helped to redefine the notion of actor and remodel the American cinema landscape. Unmoved by critical approval, polemic, or convention, Nicholson remains the most elusive of American actors. For more than five decades, he has hauled his frame through Hollywood like a predator stalking the jungle, always on the alert, never satisfied, and fiercely free.