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La Pépinière du désert
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Ce film raconte comment deux hommes, l'un paysan dans le désert marocain, et l'autre, immigré en banlieue parisienne, se battent ensemble pour que leur rêve se réalise : faire sortir du désert une pépinière. Leur but à terme est de vendre leurs arbustes et de pouvoir embaucher les fils des fellahs très pauvres de cette région pour les empêcher de partir vers les paradis illusoires de l’Europe...

Old Mostafa is unable to choose between Morocco, where he was born, and France, where he's been living for 30 years and where his five children were born. He dreamt of living in the countryside and so he opened a grocer's shop in a small village in the outer suburbs of Paris, but soon he experienced social exclusion and discrimination.
One day, he met Brahim, a homeless Moroccan who he sheltered and helped to recover his dignity. Sadly, Brahim died of a heart attack. For Old Mostafa, Brahim's death felt like a personal defeat. Being the only "Arab guy" around now, he gave up the grocer's shop and took his family back to a deprived estate in the suburbs of Paris, where most inhabitants come from North Africa. For him moving back meant that he had failed to integrate.
One summer in Morocco he met Young Mostafa who, after seven years exile in Europe, had decided to work the land in the middle of the Mengoub desert and to set up a tree nursery that could bring some hope to the local farmers. Unable to move back to Morocco to take part in the project, Old Mostafa decided to help Young Mostafa from his home in Evry. He started collecting funds and applying for subsidies to develop the project back in Morocco. He mobilized his friends and family and set up Solidamoun, a non-profit organization echoing the one founded by Young Mostafa in Morocco, Attadamoun, the Arab word for solidarity.
This is the story of how Young Mustafa in the Moroccan desert and Old Mustafa in Evry are fighting to make the tree nursery a reality. This is the story of their commitment, their dedication to bring their project to life. This is the story of their friendship, their love of the land and their extraordinary faith in what men can accomplish.

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  • Le 19 Janvier 2011