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Das Unbewachte Atelier - Der Maler Peter Tomschiczek
The Unguarded Studio - The Painter Peter Tomschiczek
  • Allemagne | 2009 | 43 minutes | Mini DV & Digital vidéo
  • Un film de Boris Tomschiczek

Le fameux peintre allemand Peter Tomschiczek dans un discours sur l´art et sur la compréhension de la vie. Mais aussi un discours avec son fils qui est le directeur du film… Un discours sur l´art dans un atelier non surveillé.

A father and his son: a famous painter and a young filmmaker. A lesson about how difficult it is to discuss the essence of art, even when two people know each other very well. The coming together of two masters of their trade. “Painting is my way of understanding life.” Peter Tomschiczek is a painter. His son is a filmmaker. In the evenings they meet up in Peter’s studio to discuss art, creativity and creative processes. Together they travel to West Africa and to a Croatian karst island – both regular sites of the painter’s inspiration. There the filmmaker’s father soaks up impressions and experiences of nature, which must then be interpreted in pictures. Archaic perceptions of the natural world are the source of his creativity. With this film, while the painter grapples with nature, the son grapples with his father. Ultimately it is about understanding life and reflecting it in art. We can feel the energy of the two creators emanating from this fusion of painting and cinema.