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Twee minuten stilte a.u.b.
Deux minutes de silence s.v.p.
2 minuten stilte, a.u.b.
  • Pays-Bas | 1998 | 88 minutes | 35 mm, Digi Beta & Beta SP
  • Un film de Heddy Honigmann

Le 4 mai de chaque année, les Hollandais commémorent leurs victimes de la seconde guerre mondiale, ainsi que toutes les personnes mortes depuis 1945 dans des conflits internationaux ou des missions de maintien de la paix. Le lendemain, tout le pays fête la libération. Heddy Honigmann saisit les différentes expériences et émotions d’un groupe hétéroclite de résidents des Pays-bas qui, tous, gardent l’empreinte des années de guerre.

On May, 4th, the Dutch commemorate the victims of World War II. The climax of the day is two minutes of silence, at 8.00p.m; for a moment, the whole country seems to come to a standstill. Commemorations and silent marches are organized everywhere on the Dam, the main square in Amsterdam, at the Hollandsche Schouwburg, an old theatre and the place where Jews were gathered before their deportation, in the dunes in the Hague, where Resistance fighters were executed.. . Honigmann follows four people during this special day, which everyone lives in his own way. There are filmmakers Netty Rosenfeld, writer Anna Enquist, the manager of a pub on the Dam, but also a collaborator’s daughter.