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Belinda, 20 ans, talons hauts, cheveux longs, part chercher David à sa sortie de prison de Colmar. David, 25 ans, petite croix autour du cou, est prêt à tout pour Belinda. Les deux veulent se marier à la mairie de Mulhouse en présence de leurs deux invités. S’il est certain qu’ils s’aiment, il n’est pas sûr qu’ils parviennent à se marier.

The camera is always there, following Belinda, who is growing up in extremely precarious conditions. We first encounter this young protagonist at the age of nine; she’s a defiant bundle of energy who doesn’t make things easy for herself or for others. She and her sister are living in a home, but when their legal guardians decide to separate them the girls run away and wander about the forests. They just can’t live without each other, they tell their carer who whose presence is mostly limited to phone calls. At the age of fifteen, Belinda informs him that no, she cannot imagine a future working in a shoe shop. She’d much rather work as a mechanic. Her sister now has a child of her own. Godmother Belinda attends the christening, all dressed up and wearing high heels.
Without ever intervening, this film describes the lives of the Yenish people, who are not recognised as a national minority in any EU state. When Belinda turns 23 she decides to get married, but her boyfriend is in prison. She sends him love letters and waits for his release. Belinda – a touching love story, the script of which was written by real life.

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  • Le 10 Janvier 2018