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Hollman Morris, Juan José Lozano


Diego Barajas Riaño, Heidi Hassan, Sergio Mejia


Alex Restrepo


Carlos Ibañez Diaz


Vincent Hänni, Gabriel Scotti


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ISAN : non renseigné - en savoir plus

En Colombie pendant 10 ans, des groupes paramilitaires proches du pouvoir, prétextant la lutte contre les FARC (Forces armées révolutionnaires de Colombie), ont semé la terreur dans des centaines de villages, violant, torturant et parfois dépeçant des milliers d’innocents, hommes, femmes et enfants. Bilan de ces 10 années, 50 000 morts, un véritable massacre à grande échelle. 40 chefs paramilitaires sont aujourd’hui jugés dans un processus appelé "Justice et Paix" où petit à petit on remonte la piste des commanditaires jusqu’au sommet de l’Etat. Un tiers du parlement a été mis en examen. Des centaines de familles de victimes attendent la vérité. La société colombienne sera-t-elle capable d’entendre cette vérité ? Une boite de Pandore a été ouverte. Du calcul politique ou de la justice, qui va triompher ?

Colombia, a country in war.
As far back as anyone remembers, it’s the same words over and over again: civil war, internal armed conflict, terrorist threats, ideological struggle. Two extremes: left and right. Using identical methods. Contest in cruelty. How many deaths and how many missing people as a consequence from the endless war opposing the paramilitary armies (AUC) and the guerrillas (FARC)? No one can agree on the numbers.
A trial? Granting special rights, the new Justice and Peace Law (2005) will enable the paramilitaries who would have confessed their crimes at hearings, to settle back to civilian life. Depending of how guilty they are, they will serve a maximum of 5 to 8 years in prison. 32,000 paramilitary fighters have put their guns down. Roughly a hundred of them have come before the tribunal.
The executioners. Like the paramilitary commander known as “HH”, who in his own words is responsible for the killing of 5,000 people, other heads of these militias are starting to confess their crimes.
The Victims’ Families. Most of them are women... millions of brave and committed women who fight with dignity. They want the to know the truth, they want reparation and justice to be done. For decades, they have been trying to live in peace.
Some Justice Officials. A hundred of courageous public servants work regardless of the death threats and the kinds of pressure they face. Their aim is to discover the truth about this war.
Where are the decision makers of this war? Where did the orders come from? What were their motives? What do multinational companies such as Chiquita, Colombian military, businessmen, politicians and drug traffickers of this wonderful country have to say to all this? Where are the decision makers in this war? Where did the orders come from? What purpose were they serving? What does it have to say, multinationals such as Chiquita Brands... military, businessmen, politicians and drug traffickers of this wonderful country.

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  • Le 25 Avril 2012
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