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La Mémoire et la Mer
Memory and the Sea

Mon frère et moi sommes fils d'une mère pied noir. Alice, une amie, est petite fille de harki. Aucun de nous trois n'est jamais allé en Algérie. En France, je filme l'avant et l'ailleurs à travers leurs imaginaires. Puis, nous partons à Alger. Je confronte cet imaginaire à une réalité, et je me confronte à la difficulté de filmer.

My brother and I have a mother born in Algeria. Akice, one of my brother friend, has her grand father Harki (muslim involved with France during the independance war). I want to film those two characters to catch the Story the have inside. Also because they have an algerian past : they both built an image of this land without knowing it for real. I capture their imaginaries in france and their first trip to Alger. This movie looks for different pieces of a puzzle to represent the link that we have with the past and with the place where our parents were born.