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Chine, le nouvel empire - De l’humiliation à la domination
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Le 21e siècle sera chinois. Washington, Moscou, Bruxelles et Tokyo n’y pourront rien changer : la Chine s’est réveillée. Jamais dans l’histoire économique, une nation n’avait connu une telle croissance sur une période aussi longue. Comment la Chine conçoit-elle ses relations avec le monde extérieur ? Entend-elle remettre en question l’ordre politique et économique actuel et défier la suprématie américaine ? Le peut-elle ?

In the moment that China manages to be the second economic world power, in front of Japan and behind the United States, there takes place in Shangai the first universal exhibition organized in a considered country, a few time ago, like a developing country. China surrounded with all the nations, will exhibit his power so much to the level diplomatic that military. China, the new Empire of the world is the historical and political statement, principally, of these last thirty years. The movie begins with Mao's death in 1976 and the arrival to the supreme power of Deng Xiaoping in 1979 and finishes in Shangai's universal exhibition of 2010. A historical statement that tries to count the take-off of the factory of the world, the application of a method that should allow a growth founded on an authoritarian regime, and at the same time preserving and reinforcing a nationalism that did the force of his thousand-year-old power. A political statement because China has to gain still a dominant position to the diplomatic and military level to impose his "global power" to the rest of the world