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Terrain mineurs
© Julianto films

Au Tribunal pour Enfants du TGI de Paris avec ce direct entre juges des enfants en audiences, parquet des mineurs, le dépôt (prison de transfert) avec des éducateurs spécialisés pour les comparutions immédiates. Sans ambiguïté, le film expose la part humaine du travail des juges. Un travail peu connu et souvent fantasmé du public. La complexité apparaît entre l’incertitude, la douleur et l’espoir de l’enfance en devenir.

We see three children’s judges in their daily work, three public prosecutors, a youth worker, hearings, interviews concerning minors (from 1 month to 17 years old), and tense moments with uncertain outcomes. We were given special permission to film the families and professionals in camera. Each minor’s responsibility is continually assessed against the facts and their personal situation. Each point is discussed before a decision is taken on the sentence and the help to be given to children in danger and who need protecting: first offenders, delinquents, victims, perpetrators or victims-cum-perpetrators of offences ranging from the most minor to the most serious. Children are protected in France, regardless of the gravity of the situation. The law and the guiding principle is to help them find a solution. It is filmed in France’s main juvenile court, in Paris, which also deals with international cases, hence the diversity of families from all kinds of ethnic, economic and cultural backgrounds with a range of problems. The film shows the human side of the judges’ work. It is little known by the general public and often the object of much misunderstanding. The complexity appears in the uncertainty, pain and hope of these future adults.