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Il respire encore
Still Breathing
© Entre2prises (e2p)
  • France | 2016 | 89 minutes
  • Un film de Anca Hirte

"Je n’ai jamais aimé la boxe. J’ai toujours aimé la vie. Alors je ne m’étais jamais imaginé que la vie pouvait être un combat de boxe. Jusqu’au jour où la vie m’a mise KO". Karim Chakim est un vieux boxeur de 38 ans. Il a dédié sa vie à la boxe et il n’a pas été payé en retour. Comme boxeur, Karim est fini mais ça ne s’est pas passé sur le ring, c’est la vie qui l’a vaincu. C’est une histoire de cruauté. Mais qu’est-ce qui est plus cruel ? La vie ou la boxe ?

This is Rocky Balboa. In real life. Karim Chakim is 38 years old. He is madly in love with his wife and children. Boxing is a tricky mistress but he steps in the ring again. Maybe for the last time. For his family, because he knows that down here somebody loves him, as no one ever will. Faithful to his working class upbringing, Karim struggles each day to get in shape while standing always on his family’s side. He fights for them and they know it. Each day he goes through a punishing routine. Never looking back. Fighting for each punch. His family looks up to him. Karim knows very well that he cannot let them down.  He is their only shot at a better tomorrow. When finally the moment arrives to step into the ring, Karim knows that it is the fight of a lifetime. Will he stand up to the occasion? Will he put on the best fight possible? Are happy endings only the stuff that Hollywood dreams are made of? If Jacques Demy had directed Rocky, it would most probably have looked like Still Breathing. A unique hip-hop musical observational documentary about an unforgettable working class hero.
(Giona A. Nazzaro)