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La Bergère des glaces
The Shepherdess of the Glaciers
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Dans la région montagneuse du Ladakh, dans l'extrême nord de l'Inde, la bergère Tsering mène paître son troupeau de 300 moutons et chèvres pashmînâ sur les hauts plateaux de l'Himalaya, à 5 600 mètres d'altitude. Au milieu de ce paysage aride, elle passe ses journées avec ses bêtes, sous la menace permanente des loups et des léopards des neiges. Durant un an, son frère l'a filmée. Des images aussi rares qu'émouvantes, où l'on découvre le rapport presque maternel qui lie la bergère à ses bêtes. Une vie à des années-lumière des industries du luxe occidentales à qui la laine cachemire est destinée.

Existe aussi en version 45 minutes sous le titre Tsering, bergère au Ladakh.

"When that leopard came snooping into my tent, I opted for out. There wasn't enough room for both of us!" Autumn, the high plateaus of Gya-Miru Valley. A wisp of smoke rises in the midst of this stony wilderness. A rustic tent and a herd of goats in a low stone pen blend into the landscape. The sound of a radio, tuned to All India Radio, can be heard within the tent. Tsering, is sharing her humble everyday life with Stanzin, her film-maker brother. She lives alone eleven months of the year, several days’ hike from the nearest human beings. Sometimes she pays the cost of living with wild animals. As the only, and last surviving herdswoman in her family, Tsering chose the herd over marriage. The culture of her native Ladakh, steeped in Buddhist wisdom, has taught her to accept her fate and to cope with day-to-day difficulties. The blue of the sky and a song on the radio provide her with cheer. She has learned to live with hardship, without comforts. Although sometimes worried, she remains strong and confident about life. The film follows for a year her long hikes to pastures.