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Battles révèle un passé qui n’est pas passé en observant les traces de la guerre dans le paysage et les mémoires.
Bombe, bunker, tank, soldat : quatre symboles de la guerre nous mènent chapitre après chapitre dans de récents lieux de conflit en Europe.
On y découvre la transformation des individus, des objets et des paysages après la démilitarisation.
Une zone d’ombre où se mêlent passé et présent.

Battles reveals a past that hasn’t passed, by observing traces of war that remain in landscape and memory. Bomb, bunker, tank, soldier – four archetypes of warfare – lead us chapter by chapter to places in Europe where conflicts have occurred in the recent past. We discover the transformation of people, objects and landscapes after demilitarisation. A twilight zone where past and present intersect. Isabelle Tollenaere takes us to a ghostly territory, where the present temporality is blurred by living memories and shows us in both a dreamy and lucid way, the geological time that the scares of the war take to disappear, if they ever do. Constantly sliding between tragedy and comedy, we see how the deep traces of past conflicts can slowly evolve into something that matches the absurdity of the war, but becomes peculiarly revealing and disquieting, like an inflatable 1:1 scale jet fighter.
(Paolo Moretti)

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