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Angelika a probablement vu trop de choses pour une enfant de 7 ans. Pourtant, sans jamais se plaindre, elle avance déterminée et courageuse.
Entre le foyer où elle vit désormais et le chenil où elle va rendre visite au chien de la famille, elle marche la tête haute et le cœur gros.

This documentary follows a 7-year-old from the children’s home she lives in to the kennels where her dog is kept. Angelika moves with courage and determination. The director films her with a sensitive and intimate approach, as the girl seems to recall warmer times, thanks to the affection offered to her by her locked-up dog. It was made as part of the “Regards Croisés” project, a collaboration between young artists from Brussels and Lodz.

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