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Love, Scott

Ce film suit le voyage d'un jeune musicien homosexuel qui a été attaqué et qui est aujourd'hui paralysé. Love, Scott est une fenêtre intime et visuellement évocatrice de l'expérience queer accompagnée d'une stupéfiante musique interprétée par Sigur Rós.

One night outside of a club, musician Scott Jones was stabbed twice in the back and slashed across the throat because he was gay. The brutal attack left him paralyzed from the waist down and forced him to confront a new reality with limited mobility. His assailant was never prosecuted with a hate crime. As both filmmaker and close friend to Scott, Laura Marie Wayne crafts an intimate, poetic and deeply moving story of transformation. Moving compassionately between their shared past and present, the conversations between the filmmaker and her subject are honest and healing. Scott's resilience in returning to the places he holds dear and sharing his musical talent with audiences shows that fear has no place in his life. He courageously shares his journey with the hope that his life can be a positive example for others facing their own challenges and reassure them they're not alone. (Alexander Rogalski)