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Dancing for You
© Sant & Usant
  • Norvège | 2014 | 28 minutes
  • Un film de Erlend Mo

Vilde, douze ans, vit au milieu d’une immense forêt en Norvège et rêve de devenir la première championne féminine de "halling", danse folklorique qui réclame une force physique et une endurance à toute épreuve. Alors qu’aucune fille n’avait jamais réussi à intégrer le club local, Vilde a convaincu les managers de la laisser concourir pour le championnat national. Mais la fillette aimerait aussi passer du temps auprès de son grand-père malade.

Halling is a remarkable Norwegian folk dance traditionally performed by only men, as a display of physical prowess. Twelve-year-old Vilde is training hard to become the first female Norwegian champion. In a fantastic outdoor scene, she and her dance coach get up to some fascinating antics, dancing on an excavator in a quarry, along tree trunks, through waterfalls, up mountain slopes and on riverbeds. And they always move in the same, calm cadence. In other scenes, the vast natural expanses play a crucial role as well – Vilde clearly feels a strong connection to them. She’s also very close to her sick grandfather, who tells her that family and friends are the most important things in life – and feeling good about yourself is essential, too. The scenes with the two of them together clearly show how strong the bond is between them. Vilde continually leans against her grandfather or sits on his lap, stroking his cheek. She hopes that the strength she needs to win the championship will also be a stimulus for her grandpa; perhaps seeing how much she enjoys life will help him keep fighting the cancer.