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The Best Thing You Can Do With Your Life
© Petruvski Films /Ojo de Vaca / HFF Munich
  • Allemagne, Mexique | 2018 | 93 minutes
  • Un film de Zita Erffa

Zita et son frère László sont très proches. Brutalement, le lien est coupé lorsque László décide de rentrer dans un ordre catholique des plus conservateurs. Depuis 8 ans, ils n’ont pour ainsi dire plus aucun contact. Que cette coupure signifie-t-elle pour Zita, comment la vit-elle ? En 2015, Zita, à sa grande surprise, est autorisée à rendre visite à László, munie de sa caméra.

When my brother joins the Legionaries of Christ after finishing school, he disappears from our lives. We can only visit him once a year. His superiors are even allowed to read the letters we send him. I hate them. When we were kids, we went to the summer-camps of the order. It was the best week of the year. But the Legionaries were strange, almost like a sect. Why did my brother chose them to be his new family? Eight years pass by, before I visit him in his monastery in Connecticut. And suddenly, I am there, surrounded by 80 men in strange clothing. I see how they live — how they pray, eat, pray, go to class, pray. And I get my brother back — finally.