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Strip and War

Les liens familiaux parviennent parfois à combler les fossés intergénérationnels. Ici, en Biélorussie, un militaire à la retraite coincé dans le passé soviétique partage sa vie avec son petit-fils, ancien ingénieur, qui cherche désormais à gagner plus d’argent tout en s’épanouissant dans son nouveau métier : strip-teaser.

"Outside the city of Minsk live an unlikely pair. A retired lieutenant-colonel stuck in a pro-Soviet past spends his days leading a regional veteran organization, writing military articles and patriotic essays, and organizing with students and colleagues. He shares his home with his grandson Anatol, who left his unfulfilling job as an engineer to pursue his true calling as a stripper, and dreams of one day founding his own erotic theatre. Their worlds could not be further apart—and they are still dependent upon one another and must navigate gently through their differences. But Anatol is growing restless and wants the freedom to be his own person. He must now face the difficult and painful dilemma of whether he should stay to care for his aging grandfather or break free to pursue his own dreams."
(Heather Haynes - Hot Docs)

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