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Bridges of Time

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A lesson in editing to celebrate cinema as a time-travelling machine. The insatiable curiosity of the Baltic New Wave old master keeps alive the essence of going out with a camera to film the world. A monument to life with a sensibility that matches that of the honored mentors. A cinematic poem about film poets.
We discover the generation of Baltic New Wave filmmakers, almost forgotten artists who were fuelled by passion. In the early sixties, when the French pioneers of cinema verité
were after a new realism, Baltic cinema saw the birth of a group of documentary-makers who were committed to poetry. The visual force of their films takes on a new dimension when we observe those images alongside the current reality.

At the beginning of the 1960s, when the French pioneers of cinéma vérité set out to achieve a new realism, and when direct cinema in Québec began to vie for notice, the Baltics witnessed the birth of a generation of documentarists who favored a more romantic view of the world around them. This meditative documentary essay – from a Latvian writer and Lithuanian director whose composed touch has long dovetailed with the stylistically diverse works of the Baltic New Wave – pushes adroitly past the limits of the common historiographic investigation to create a portrait of less-clearly remembered filmmakers. The result is a consummate poetic treatment of the ontology of documentary creation. Or a cinematic poem about cinema poets.
(Martin Horyna)

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