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I Love You I Miss You I Hope I See You Before I Die
© Julie Friis Walenciak / Eva Marie Rødbro

Betty, une jeune mère de deux enfants, vit sous le seuil de pauvreté et partage une maison avec 10 autres personnes dans la banlieue de Colorado Springs (USA). Résiliente et sensible, Betty est constamment mise à l’épreuve par les réalités de la vie : l’endettement croissant, les attentes de la maternité. La cinéaste observe avec douceur la camaraderie féminine et les instants de joie fugaces qui illuminent ces vies marginalisées par la précarité et la drogue.

Betty is a young mother-of-two, living below the poverty line and sharing a house with 10 others in suburban Colorado Springs. Resilient and emotionally sensitive, Betty is nonetheless continually tested by the realities of her life: mounting debt and the expectations of motherhood. With uncertainty always looming on the horizon, filmmaker Eva Marie Rødbro gently observes the female camaraderie and fleeting moments of joy that illuminate these marginalized lives.
Soaking into the skin of its characters, the film presents a delicate collage of domesticity far from bliss, but imbued with love. The articulate and sometimes unexpected thoughts of Betty and her friends guide the film while it journeys through the landscapes that have defined their lives—from the sprawling strip mall parking lots on the edge of their town to their cluttered kitchens, and the freedom and wonder afforded in a simple, unkempt backyard.
A sensitive and dreamy documentary portrait of life on the fringes of society in the American West, this empathetic film reveals hope where there was once only trauma.