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Lever Elsker Savner
Long Live Love

Un film de jeunesse sur la découverte de soi au sein de ce chaos qu’est la vie. Pour couronner le tout, un lourd fardeau s’est imposé sur les épaules de Rosemarie à un âge bien trop précoce. Elle a été diagnostiquée d’un cancer. À cela s’ajoute la relation particulière avec sa mère qui semble s’être barricadée d’une cuirasse d’empathie et d’inquiétude. Mais ce documentaire de Sine Skibsholt est avant tout l’histoire d’une jeune femme qui se découvre à travers les plaisirs de la jeunesse, dans l’intimité d’un Copenhague moderne.

"A youth film about finding oneself in the chaos called life. But on top of that, Rosemarie's life has been exposed to a seriousness for which she is way too young. She has been diagnosed with cancer, and even though the doctors say that she will recover, the long treatment leaves clear traces in her young life. Not least in relation to her mother, who can be too overbearing. Rosemarie is being suffocated with care, but at the same time she feels she can't reach her mother, who has barricaded herself behind an emotional armour for fear of losing her daughter. Set in today's Copenhagen and with an intimate approach, Sine Skibsholt's raw and gripping film brings us very close to the strong-willed Rosemarie and her struggle to move on in a life with school and friends – but also to get the rest of the family to continue with their lives. Long Live Love is a raw and honest portrayal of a mother-daughter relationship under unimaginable pressure. But it is also a coming-of-age film about a highly unusual young woman, who knows what she wants."
(CPH:DOX 2020)

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