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Têtes blanches
Cattle Ranch
© ONF-NFB - Office National du Film du Canada/National Film Board of Canada
  • Canada (Québec) | 1961 | 19 minutes
  • Un film de Guy L. Coté

Ce court métrage documentaire nous transporte dans un ranch situé sur un immense plateau vallonné de la Colombie-Britannique. Là, nous verrons comment se fait l'élevage des bœufs de l'Ouest, renommés pour la qualité de leur viande.

This short documentary offers a portrait of life on a cattle ranch, for both its human and animal inhabitants. Featuring sprightly music by folk singer Pete Seeger and narration by theatre actress Frances Hyland, the film is shot through the seasons on a large Canadian cattle ranch near Kamloops, British Columbia. With hundreds of cows and calves on the ranch, there’s no shortage of work to be done: soil cultivation and crop maintenance are taken care of by seasonal ranch hands while the resident cowboys—“anxious guardians”—brand and breed their bovine charges.