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Merry Christmas, Yiwu
Noël Made in China
  • Suède, Serbie, France, Allemagne, Belgique | 2020 | 94 minutes
  • Un film de Mladen Kovačević

Un film intime sur la vie quotidienne de travailleurs chinois coincés entre la culture communiste de leur pays et le libéralisme débridé à Yiwu, une ville qui compte 600 usines, où sont produites les décorations de Noël à destination du monde entier.

"The Chinese city of Yiwu is where Christmas is born. It has no snow or elves, but it’s home to over 600 Christmas decoration factories, manufacturing glittery baubles, stuffed reindeer and Santa hats for the entire world. Most workers are migrants from across the country, pursuing higher wages and, ultimately, dreams of becoming rich and starting their own businesses. Himself from a post-communist country, Serbian director Mladen Kovacevic observes this fascinating society, poised at the intersection of communism and globalism, tradition and modernity. Departing from the usual miserabilist western gaze on China, he focuses on the intimate aspects of the workers’ lives: their romances, family dramas, everyday chats and leisure activities. His film doesn’t linger on the long working hours or the chemical fumes; it’s a picture of longing, for home, bonding and prosperity. With elegant compositions and a meditative pace, it offers a glimpse into the individual destinies behind Christmas made in China."
(Charlotte Selb - Hot Docs 2020)

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