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La Cité idéale (6e partie) - La Ville et son avenir
Lewis Mumford on the City, Part 6: The City and the Future

Dans ce sixième court métrage documentaire de la série La Cité idéale, l'historien américain Lewis Mumford propose diverses pistes de solution pour mieux repenser et réaménager les villes actuelles et celles du futur.

This short documentary is part of a series hosted by American historian, sociologist, philosopher of technology, and literary critic Lewis Mumford, who was particularly noted for his study of cities and urban architecture. In this episode, Mumford considers the “loss of vitality” that he perceives in contemporary cities that have become crowded and resulted in suburban flight. “The overfilled urban container has burst,” he proclaims. What will become of the faceless, formless contemporary city? This mid-20th century film is a prescient look at today’s urban landscapes.