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To the Moon

To the Moon est un film collage, un hommage à la Lune, composé d’images d’archives internationales et de celles prises par des directeurs photos importants des cinq continents ; combiné à des fragments littéraires, il est accompagné d’une trame sonore remarquable. À travers une dizaine de chapitres, le film revisite les images de l’histoire du cinéma où la Lune est la vedette ; des contes d’amour et de folie, des chansons de désir et de perte, des rêves d’innocence et des cauchemars de colonialisme. Le film visite doucement nos paysages imaginaires avec un rappel poignant de la vulnérabilité fugace de notre existence sous le regard mystérieux de l’astre mythique.

"How come the moon is able to pour such equally familiar and mysterious light on the earth it shines on? And why have the countless lunar addicts among international filmmakers been so willingly seduced by this magic power that they set important scenes of their works in the somnambulistic mood between a deeply decadent blood moon and the fresh innocence of the new moon? To the Moon is an entrancing ode to one of cinema’s central motifs.
Director Tadhg O’Sullivan, too, surrendered like a hypnotized man to the strange light of the moon and its cinematic supercharge. Using 130 sequences from international film history and enchanting 16mm footage shot exclusively for this project he weaves an immersive meta-narrative in which precisely placed film dialogues, literary “moon passages” and an ingeniously eclectic soundtrack also do their part. Is this where you find your own moon films, with which you were hopelessly struck at a time? Did Tadhg O’Sullivan give due space to Black Moon (no), Suspiria (no) or Carnival of Souls (yes)? Many may ask this. But profound consolation awaits the disappointed ones: Every missing film is outweighed by three others that are so amazing that the loss is easily got over with."
(Ralph Eue - DOK Leipzig)