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Les Enfants terribles

Les Enfants terribles nous plonge dans le quotidien d’une famille turque, celle du réalisateur, dans laquelle les jeunes adultes se battent chaque jour pour affirmer leur liberté et leur indépendance face à une autorité paternelle ancrée dans des valeurs traditionnelles. Ahmet Necdet Cupur nous livre ici le portrait intime d’une jeunesse prête à changer les choses. 

Zeynep dreams of a higher education and her brother Mahmut of leaving his arranged marriage. This is enough to outrage their patriarchal father and cause a stir in their rural hometown in the east of Turkey. Here, traditions, expectations and obligations rule life, not self-fulfillment. When Mahmut and Zeynep start questioning the role that is imposed on them, it is considered as sacrilegious disobedience. Will they manage to break out of a world that’s suffocating them and build up a self-defined, independent life? With painful honesty their journey is intimately captured by their brother and filmmaker Ahmet Necdet Cupur.