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My Mohamed Is Different
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Ines Marzouk


Mahmoud Loutfi


Gehad Anwer, Gianfranco Tortora


Aya Yusuf


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ISAN : non renseigné - en savoir plus
  • Égypte, Tunisie, Italie | 2020 | 70 minutes
  • Un film de Ines Marzouk

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Sarannah feels she was given a new shot at life and can now re-live her youth. Moving to Luxor she met and married Hamdy, 30 years her junior. Madly and happily in love with Hamdy, all she wants to do is spend time with him and enjoy life. Her friend Nerchia met and married Khaled and it was joyous…for a while. Khaled felt he wanted  children which the older Nerchia was not able to have, and he found a much younger 2nd Egyptian wife. Of course, this has led Nerchia to make some tough decisions. Abdel-Rahim, a local tour guide married with 2 kids, wants to connect with a foreign woman to help secure his future. Abdel, like many others, meets women online, and hopes to convince them to move to Luxor. It is through an online platform that he connects with an older German/American woman, Monica. After a few months of online romance, she falls for him, moves to Luxor and promises to take care of him. The film follows these three women as they leave their lives behind to travel to a mysterious new world; one that blurs the boundaries between business and romance.

After living full lives in their home countries in Europe, Sarannah, Neeljte and Monica travel to Egypt in hopes of exploring a new chapter of their lives after retirement. Settling in Luxor, a city known for its tourist attractions and gold-digging men, the women pride themselves on not relying on men to define their happiness—despite falling in love with three locals. Sarannah's love for Hamdy runs deep, though she swore she would never marry again; Neeljte falls in and out of love with Khaled after witnessing his controlling behaviour for his younger, second wife; and Abdel-Rahim seduces Monica to give up her life in Germany and spend her days in Egypt with his two children. What matters is they are all happy, however naively they conform to the archetypes they're so critical of—because their love is different from the rest.
(Samah Ali)

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