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Ma famille américaine
© jbaproduction
  • France | 2000 | 57 minutes | Mini DV
  • Un film de Robert Bozzi

La famille Rhodes exagère. Margery-Ethel et Ray-Gene avaient 16 ans quand ils se sont mariés. Neuf mois plus tard naissait Margy-Ray, l'aînée de leurs 10 enfants. Peut-on penser que Margery-Ethel a le sens de la mesure, qui s'est arrêtée à 10 enfants, alors que "Doc" William-Perry, son père, en avait déjà 11 d'un premier lit quand il a entrepris avec la jeune Margery-Lela, de donner 10 frères et sœurs à Margery-Ethel ?

The Rhodes family really exaggerate. Margery-Ethel and Ray-Gene were 16 when they got married. Nine months later Margy-Ray was born, the eldest of their 10 children. And what sense of proportion can Margery-Ethel have when her father, "Doc" William-Perry, after having 11 children with a first wife produced 10 more with the young Margery-Leia ? Their family origins are not easy to trace. Did their ancestors come from Northern Europe, Greece, or from the village in Creuse, France which bears the family name ? In any case, they certainly have not found the fortune their immigrant ancestors must have been looking for. With the Rhodes family, the ordinary is often extraordinary. Friendly and outgoing, they have a talent for provoking adventures. Watching them live, is like coming across the pioneers who inhabit the optimistic films of John Ford. It’s like a guided tour of a century of American history, like dreaming of the "American way of life".