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Seule avec la guerre
© Movimento production
  • Belgique, France | 2000 | 58 minutes | Beta num 16/9e
  • Un film de Danielle Arbid

"Beyrouth est une ville formidable. On se croirait au centre de tout. À Beyrouth, entre 1975 et 1990, il y avait une guerre civile, c'est-à-dire que tout le monde voulait exterminer tout le monde. Aujourd'hui, la guerre est finie. Elle s'est arrêtée un jour, comme ça, après avoir gangrené nos vies. J'ai voulu filmer le vide qu'elle a laissé. Sa présence fantomatique. Cette plaie… "

"After a long civil war, which lasted 16 years, Beirut today is in the process of being rebuilt. However, behind the peaceful facade, the country lives in the shadow of the war.
Those who waged the war are free to walk the streets with impunity and continue to dream of their glory days. Those who were subjected to the war try to forget. In a nutshell, no one has really come to terms with the past...
Through this film I want to show how our lives are still poisoned by this war. This film will be the chronicle of a personal quest like a treasure trail, of the feelings of attraction and repulsion in for my country and its macabre history. I will also be the portrait of this critical phase of post-war life in the Beirut of today."

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