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Boris Gerrets
© Miguel Bueno / CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Boris Gerrets is an internationally acclaimed documentary filmmaker and an accomplished visual artist and film-editor.

Born into a Bulgarian-German family in Amsterdam, he grew-up in the Netherlands, Spain, Sierra Leone and Germany. Boris Gerrets' films are close-ups of local environments, which he describes as 'biotopic explorations'. He delves into the anonymity of the urban space, bringing to light life on the fringes, which often remains obscure to the passing person. This leads him to unexpected encounters that drive the narrative of his films. [...]

His film, People I Could Have Been and Maybe Am (2010) garnered critical acclaim worldwide, receiving more than 12 international awards in a wide-range of categories [...].

Gerrets versatile art practice included drawing, installation, video, animation, book art and physical-theatre. He is interested in the dramaturgy of montage, exploring the relationship between performativity and perception. Sparked by several journeys to post-war Lebanon and Iraq in the mid-1990s, Gerrets investigated political and cultural dynamics of conflict zones and their relation to perception. [...]

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